Produce and breakfast in high demand at annual Presbyterian Ladies’ College Boarders’ Market

BACON and egg burgers were in high demand at the annual Presbyterian Ladies’ College Boarders’ Market last Thursday morning, with Peppermint Grove residents and visitors lining up before work to get their hands on the tasty breakfast treat.

Parents of boarders brought their produce and set up a market outside the school, with all money raised going to buying items specifically for the school’s boarders.

“The money raised in the past has been put towards stand up paddle boards, bikes, funding special year group outings, and this year we hoping to buy a trampoline and pizza oven,” director of boarding Liz Langdon said.

“It is a much-loved and eagerly anticipated feature in the calendar that brings together the parents of the Boarding House, the PLC community and the surrounding neighbourhood.

“Helen Martin (of Bindoon) has convened the market with her trusty band of helpers for the past four years and she has taken it from strength to strength.

“As her twin daughters are in Year 12, she will be passing the baton on to other parents for next year’s market.”