Property owner takes flight from Glyde Street in Mosman Park

Commercial property owner Kelly Yates is selling up
Commercial property owner Kelly Yates is selling up

MOSMAN Park commercial property owner Kelly Yates is selling up and is accusing the council of inaction to improve the Glyde Street shopping strip.

“As a long-term advocate of Glyde Street commercial patronage, I have gone as far financially as I can make possible without any help from the slow and knotted-up council,” Ms Yates said.

Her buildings on the south side of the strip, except Tsunami Japanese restaurant, were bought in two purchases 14 years and three years ago.

New vision for Glyde Street

Change to height restrictions on Glyde Street

She claims council inaction has caused her to lose about $100,000 on the second purchase and despite attending the council twice, talking to councillors and mayors and asking for improvements, she had to install her own cameras, security, lights and fit new plants in the council’s tubs to make the street a “friendly, safe entrance” to the Town.

“I went so far as to take over Lily Bean cafe to bring coffee and delicious food to our community,” Ms Yates said.

Last month the council adopted its new Let’s Revitalise plan for the street and its precinct to fit in with the greater density allowed by the new town planning scheme No.3.

The plan includes parklets, new lighting, seats and bike racks, and investigating if adjacent lanes can host festivals.

Work would also be conducted on better connections to the Fremantle train line and bike paths.

The Town of Mosman Park’s vision for Glyde Street

Mayor Brett Pollock said Ms Yates was entitled as a businesswoman to sell her properties but her improvements had been “ad-hoc” compared to the council having to proceed in an “orderly manner” and follow due process, including time for public consultation.

“Hopefully some developer may pick up the buildings and see that now the new town planning scheme has come into play those properties are more viable,” Mr Pollock said.

He said any impression created by Ms Yates’ sale that Glyde Street was faltering would be countered by public and traders knowing the plan would be worked on by the council.