Public keen to have say on markets

The proposed scheme amendment would rezone the block bordered by Roberts and Rokeby roads and Hay and Catherine streets to a new town centre development zone, and introduce an area-specific plan for the market site (including up to 16 storeys on 25 per cent of the land fronting Seddon Street).

Development services director Kathy Bonus said the council was required to make one of three decisions before staff sent the final recommendation to the Department of Planning.

‘It can adopt the amendment, adopt it with recommendations or not adopt the amendment,’ Ms Bonus said.

‘The department then reviews all the information they have and they make a report to the WA Planning Commission.

‘The final decision rests with the planning minister.’

Mayor Heather Henderson said 728 submissions was the best public response she was aware of in recent history.

‘The community is eager to know the outcome and we need to deal with it sooner rather than later,’ Mrs Henderson said.

Ms Bonus said the majority of submissions were specifically targeted at the proposed 16-storey height on the market site.

‘We had the whole range ” some were supportive, some were anti, some were supportive with heavy qualifications, some were anti with heavy qualifications,’ she said.

‘We received 55 submissions through the Have Your Say website and a lot of people went online to access the documentation.’