Push for transparency

Ms Shannon said greater council transparency was part of her commitment during the recent local government election.

��I will be putting motions to the next council meeting dealing with transparency, including an online gift and travel register and disclosures relating to developer contact,� she said.

The City of Perth Act was recently amended so all councillors must disclose gifts and travel online within 10 days from July 1 next year. The Act is now awaiting Legislative Council approval.

Subiaco Mayor Heather Henderson said the Act was �quite a funny place� to put the gift and travel register amendment.

�The Act relates to the City of Subiaco and the City of Perth, but the gift disclosure relates to all of local government,� Mrs Henderson said.

�Enshrining it in the legislation of the capital city Bill is, in fact, quite interesting.�

Mrs Henderson said it would be a simple process to publish the City�s gift and travel register online.

�Every council has their gift register, everyone fills it out; accessibility was the only issue,� she said.

�But it won�t be done sooner rather than later because the City of Perth Act will not be finished until some time next year.�