Quarry reaches three-decade milestone

After Perth City Ballet Company director Diana Waldron had an idea to convert the old limestone quarry into an amphitheatre, together with her late architect husband Ken, they submitted plans to the City of Perth.

Ms Waldron said she knew the quarry would work as an amphitheatre.

“We hopped out of the car and walked up and there it was, It was quite obviously an amphitheatre,” Mrs Waldron said.

“Perth City Council rejected it at first… people down the road complained that there would be noise and road issues.”

Ms Waldron said that within three months of approval they had almost $500,000 from a Commonwealth Employment program that required them to use unemployed workers on the construction.

“It doesn’t feel like 30 years, it just feels like the continuation of something beautiful,” Mrs Waldron said.

“The Town of Cambridge now considers it the jewel in its crown.

“I would like it to remain a community venue.”

Cambridge Mayor Keri Shannon said she had been to weddings and concerts at the Quarry, as well as her daughter’s ballet performance.

“It is fantastic,” Ms Shannon said. “It is very special to have national acts perform here.

“The community owes Ken and Diana a debt of gratitude.”