Rangers won’t target beggars

MOSMAN Park Council will not send its rangers to move on or fine beggars, buskers and vagrants at the Coles supermarket shopping centre on Monument Street after a decision made at the December 15 meeting.

“It’s obviously a private company making the request, and it is my opinion that the shopping centre-provided security should be used,” Cr Ian Flack said.

Cr Flack said sending rangers could create a precedent and lead to them also enforcing $100 fines for abandoned shopping trolleys and dogs tied up and obstructing footpaths.

The council would have charged $84 per hour for the ranger to the go to the centre.

“Will sending rangers also make us responsible for the people who sleep under the dinghies in Mosman Bay or in the toilets in Jabe Dodd Park?” Cr Zenda Johnson said.

Mosman Park chief executive Kevin Poynton said there had been several phone calls and an email exchange with the shopping centre’s owners about using the rangers to enforce the council’s laws about begging, and busking without a permit.

Cr Brett Pollock said the service should be explored so the council could become “pro-active” about issues in the town, including expanding buskers’ permits to create vibrancy.

Only Cr Pollock, Cr Andrew Maurice and Mayor Ron Norris voted in favour of rangers being sent to the shopping centre, and the request failed.