Recent Mosman Park burglaries may be linked, say police

POLICE said three burglaries in Mosman Park recently were potentially linked.

“Because of the timeframes it suggests they could be connected,” Sergeant Paul Gelmi said.

Sgt Gelmi said a resident “screamed and hid under her blanket” when burglars were in her Manning Street home between 5.13am and 5.30am on April 30.

The burglars took a $4000 handbag and a $500 purse.

The woman described the two mean leaving the house as slim, of average height, wearing dark clothing and with hoods over their heads.

Burglars used an unlocked kitchen window to enter a Smith Street home between 4.45am and 5am on March 2.

Sgt Gelmi said the kitchen and living rooms were searched before an SLR camera, a Macbook computer and a purse worth $4400 were taken.

A kitchen window was forced and residents heard noise when a handbag was taken from a Victoria Street home between 4.30am and 5.30am on March 2.

Sgt Gelmi said residents should be vigilant and take all precautions to secure their homes, including locking doors and windows.