School to help pay for crossing

Traffic banks up at the current Beehive Montessori School crossing.
Traffic banks up at the current Beehive Montessori School crossing.

An Opus International Consultant’s report found there had been 26 non-fatal crashes near the current crossing since 2007, and the 8000-15,000 vehicles using the avenue each day was above its classification.

The report said southbound cars did not have adequate sight of the unlit crossing, where rush-hour traffic could bank up several hundred metres when the students crossed the road in mornings and afternoons.

‘The road is our responsibility and from a risk management perspective we have to deal with (the crossing) accordingly,’ Mayor Ron Norris said.

Councillors agreed the school should pay a third of the council’s share of a new crossing, which has been estimated to cost $50,000, before any contribution was made from Main Roads.

Principal Rhonda Sheehan said a new crossing was needed before winter rain and darker mornings decreased drivers’ abilities to stop quickly.

‘I’ve had parents coming in to the school in tears saying ‘I’ve just seen an accident and you’ve got to do something about it’,’ Ms Sheehan said.

A Main Roads spokeswoman said the school needed to first apply to WA Police’s Children’s Crossing unit for permission to move the crossing,

Main Roads would then consider paying for new crossing infrastructure including signs, line markings and bollards.