Scitech presenters perform fiery show at Beijing Science Festival

Scitech presenters perform fiery show at Beijing Science Festival

Tom Coe and Emma Lomas are representing Australia at the festival, which runs from September 18 to 25, with science show Supercool.

Mr Coe said the Scitech team would bring something unique to the festival, which would include presenters from Japan, Germany, Italy, South Africa and Britain

�I�ve never seen another choreographed, non-verbal science show like this,� Mr Coe said.

�This is one of our most popular shows and we are excited to be able to share it on an international stage again.

�Supercool reminds the audience of the importance their own curiosity has in scientific thinking and encourages them to embrace it, share it and make their own meaning of our show.�

The duo will be performing up to three shows a day at the eight-day festival and will meet fellow science communicators and the public.

Miss Lomas said this would be her first time representing Australia at an international science festival.

�I�m so excited to be going,� Miss Lomas said.

�It�s about inspiring the audience and it works for all ages: kids, adults, grandparents.�

Mr Coe said their style of performing was different to the science shows from Beijing.

�They (the organisers) were keen for us to bring this form of storytelling in science communication to their festival,� Mr Coe said.

�Emma and I are very excited to introduce the Beijing crowds to the wonders of what can be done with extreme temperatures.�