Sea pool dominates beach policy queries

Pool advocate Tom Locke said the pool should be in the new policy because the project would act as a trendsetter and open up other sites on the WA coast for the safe swimming facilities.

‘However, the Cottesloe Groyne site is by far the best, and the submission requests it needs local government support to take it up to a complete engineering design phase,’ Mr Locke said.

Town of Cottesloe chief executive Carl Askew said 41 submissions supporting a beach pool and five opposing the project were in the community consultation on the policy, which directs staff and councillors’ decisions.

Mr Askew said 11 submissions also provided ‘general feedback’ about how the policy should deal with the beach.

Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club did not send a submission, and club president Ben Stephens said while he was comfortable with the current policy, the club may comment on any draft for its replacement at a later date.

WA Kitesurfing Association president Darren Ellis said a late submission may be sent to the council to include the sport in any new rules about the beach.

The council may consider the public comments on the policy at its meetings before October.