Seaward Senate scrutiny

�In Senate Estimates last year we were told there were no plans, then something suddenly appears when there�s nothing wrong with the current homes,� Sen Lines said.

She said there was an �inherent contradiction� in the Federal Government closing a nearby civilian rifle range for security purposes last year and then having civilians �looking straight over� the SAS base from homes on village land to be sold.

�And a park in the middle of the village was described in Senate Estimates as �a swamp nobody uses�,� Sen Lines said.

A Department of Defence spokesman said Seaward Village housing was below the national standard for defence personnel and its refurbishment was agreed by DHA and the Department of Defence to be commercially unviable and inconsistent with future standards.

�Defence is taking the security aspects of this redevelopment seriously and will put in place a number of measures to ensure the safety of defence personnel and their families, while also ensuring that the security of Campbell Barracks is maintained,� the spokesman said.

He said construction truck numbers on the village�s two entry roads had yet to be determined and DHA would continue with community consultation, including another information session with Friends of Allen Park and village neighbours in June.

The spokesman said defence personnel, village residents and their neighbours� health was �DHA’s highest priority� and the work would be done by licensed contractors under WA regulations.