‘Shadowboxing’ over fate of UWA, QEII in amalgamation

‘From a planning point of view, you would need to consider the two residential populations around the university and hospital precincts,’ Mr Tindale said. ‘We are not convinced that a lot of thought has gone into the announcement.’

Mayor Heather Henderson said the Robson Report recommended that the universities and hospitals be governed by a redevelopment-style authority and not the City of Perth.

Mrs Henderson said Local Government Minister Tony Simpson did not seem keen on boundary realignments as a form of amalgamation, as the distribution of assets would present an issue.

‘This is the City of Perth wanting to be a capital city and seeing accumulating facilities as paramount to achieving that outcome,’ she said.

A North Metropolitan Health Service spokeswoman said the QEIIMC Trust could not make an informed assessment of the impact of any amalgamation proposals until they were briefed by the Government.