Shenton College students give back on annual Charity Day

Maddie Gilchrist and Trinity Meyers Pictures: Matt Jelonek d481278
Maddie Gilchrist and Trinity Meyers Pictures: Matt Jelonek d481278

SHENTON College students spent last Thursday giving back to the community for their annual Charity Day.

Principal Mike Morgan said young people naturally loved to help others, and nurturing that innate generosity would mean they could grow up with a greater appreciation of what they have.

Caitlin Lea, Arielle Vaskas, Bianca Lupas and Olivia Deal.

“Schools need to foster the tradition of donating to charity,” he said.

“The Shenton Charity Day involves the students in choosing which causes to support and makes them plan, act and support a worthy cause.”

Students Izzy Norris and Will Crampton, with Chaplain Robyn Hyde and Schools Program Co-ord of Act-Belong-Commit Mental Health Campaign Phoebe Joyce, and student Ella Morgan.

Mr Morgan said the students were encouraged to do more than just raise funds, but also commit to action with volunteering and participating.

The charities supported by students included Perth Children’s Hospital, Headspace, CanTeen and The Manna Foundation.

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