Shenton Park: Cat Haven worried by huge number of stray kittens

Photo: supplied
Photo: supplied

CAT Haven has taken in an enormous amount of stray kittens this season, receiving 700 in the past three months.

Just recently a stray cat and her four kittens were found in the roof of a house in South Lake and were brought in to Cat Haven.

“Overall, we have had over 1200 more cats surrendered to us so far this year, than this time last year,” the Cat Haven’s marketing officer Chandra Woodley said.

“We have had indications that this is due to economic hardship with people falling on hard times or struggling to afford to provide medical care to their cats.”

Cat Haven says if you find a stray litter the best thing you can do is not touch them, in case the mother is nearby.

They are also asking people to spread the word that it is law in WA to sterilise and microchip any cats of six months of age.

The aim of cat shelters such as Cat Haven is to reduce the euthanasia rates of healthy or treatable cats, which are currently at 12 per cent, however this can only be done if funds allow.

The Cat Haven is funded exclusively by donations.

To donate, visit the website.