Shenton Park residents question City of Subiaco about policing of parking on Hilda St and Violet Grove

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DEBATE raged on over street parking in Shenton Park at Subiaco’s annual electors meeting.

A number of residents spoke about recent developments on Hilda Street and Violet Grove.

Hilda Street resident Tim Dawkins said his family’s support network had effectively been cut off after the changes to permits in the area.

“The council made a decision that dramatically affects my family’s life,” Mr Dawkins said.

“It’s a disaster. My ideas for having family over are gone.”

Resident John Godfrey said the original 83-signature petition to fix the parking situation in the area was designed to act on street parking from nearby hospital staff and contractors, and while the streets were now reasonably clear, they were being “over-policed”.

“No one expected twice a day ranger visits; that never happened before,” he said.

“We are not babies, we don’t need our hands smacked because we parked to unload our cars.”

Hilda Street resident Alicia Hanson said there were many unhappy people in the area, and numerous fines had been handed out.

“Visitors never previously had issues,” she said.

Ms Hanson asked if bags could be wrapped around the parking poles over the festive season.

Subiaco chief executive Don Burnett said the City was seeking a good outcome for the residents.

“We’re looking at what we can do to sort it out, and we’re working through unintended consequences,” he said.

Discussion on the matter will continue at the January 23 council meeting, after the public gallery passed multiple motions addressing permits, parking hours and reimbursed fines.

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