Shire of Peppermint Grove finance officer keeping the ledger even

Josie Speight likes balancing the books. Picture: Jon Bassett
Josie Speight likes balancing the books. Picture: Jon Bassett

In the third of a series, the Western Suburbs Weekly introduces you to people who serve our community behind the scenes at local councils. This week, Jon Bassett meets Josie Speight at the Shire of Peppermint Grove.

FINANCE officer Josie Speight (63) likes to make sure both sides of the ledger are even.

“Because I’m a finance officer I love balancing books, she said.

“In a lot of jobs you never get an outcome like that.”

The full-time staffer at the small shire is responsible for rates, bank reconciliations, receipts, and also works at the customer service counter.

Her local government career started at the Shire of Katanning in 1984 when she was “just a debtor’s clerk”, but lasted for 10 years before she moved to work at the Department of Agriculture.

She said the liked the small staff at the Shire of Peppermint Grove, after joining the council in 2011.

“Everyone is really easy to get along with, and the ratepayers are good,” she said.

She recommends a career in local government.

“Just go for it, especially in the country, because there is a variety of work and people,” she said.

“If you can start out in the country you can get further ahead.”

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