Shonky Awards 2019 announced

Shonky Awards 2019 announced

CHOICE has revealed this year’s picks for the Shonky Awards, including a fridge with a name we can’t pronounce and popular super funds.

Handpicked by CHOICE, these selected companies and products have disappointed consumers all over the country.

AMP superannuation

The firm was selected for this year’s Shonky for putting profit before customer returns.

CHOICE cited “its grossly underperforming superannuation division, which has the lowest customer satisfaction ratings on record and boasted no fewer than a million-plus inactive accounts across its AMP Retirement Trust and Super Savings Trust products in 2018” for the pick.


Similar to AMP superannuation, Kogan is in the Hall of Shame for its refunds policy and failings in customer service.

According to a consumer, Kogan refused to give him a refund, which is a clear violation of the Australian Consumer Law.

Ikea Nedkyld fridge. Picture: IKEA

Ikea Nedkyld fridge

This Ikea fridge was given the Shonky Award for “spoiling your food … expensively”.

CHOICE said the fridge failed its own energy test, using a lot more electricity than it claimed on its energy star rating label.

The fridge was deemed one of the worst performing fridges the CHOICE team has seen as the food won’t last as long and temperatures inside the freezer changing by 10 per cent, depending on the outside temperature.

Medibank Accident and Ambulance Cover

For selling ‘cover’ that leaves you exposed led the Medibank basic covers being dubbed a “basic rip-off”.

“We’ve found Basic policies from Medibank that are more expensive than some Bronze policies from the next tier up,” CHOICE said.

“The cases vary from state to state, but their Basic Accident and Ambulance ($500 excess) policy, for example, is more expensive than the cheapest Bronze in six states we looked at.

“It costs more and it delivers less, which is what gives this slippery financial product its special sheen of shonkyness.”

Freedom Foods XO Crunch.

Freedom Foods XO Crunch

Fooling the public by giving itself a health star rating of four out of five landed these cocoa puffs in hot water.

“When the box says “no nasties”, it fails to mention that it contains a whopping 22.2% added sugar in the form of cane sugar and golden syrup,” CHOICE said on their website.

“And as far as fibre goes, your kid would have to eat six to eight bowls a day to get their daily requirement, by which time they’d have consumed 62 grams of added sugar – way over the recommended maximum daily intake.”

Pet insurance

CHOICE said pet insurance gets the award for catch-22 insurance whose conditions make it worthless.

The pre-existing condition trap and the fee for insurance premiums from $180 up to $4500 a year were just some of the reasons the entire pet insurance industry is a shonky.