SHOP LOCAL: Digital health technology company expands to Perth

Mohinder Jaimangal from Curve (third from left) at IQX. Picture: Andrew Ritchie   d491028
Mohinder Jaimangal from Curve (third from left) at IQX. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d491028

CURVE is a technology company that provides digital solutions for health professionals and patients that was founded in 2009. Last year the Melbourne-based company expanded to Perth, with founder and director Mohinder Jaimangal based at UWA’s IQX.

1. How did the expansion to Perth come about?

We’ve been working with the Telethon Kids Institute for four years. We did a small project with the RADical app and have four active projects with them now. We saw that there weren’t many people doing what we were doing in Melbourne but there was a lot of great activity. We were talking to local researchers and clinicians and saw a great opportunity. We’ve recently acquired WA company Progression Medical, which was doing similar things to Curve, and brought their staff over.

2. How is small business in Perth different to Melbourne?

The speed of decision making in Melbourne and Sydney is different than in Perth so it’s about adjusting to that, but that’s to be expected in a small market. Access to tech talent is also a challenge here because there’s not a lot of tech people in Perth and they get snapped up really quickly. We have the technologies they are looking for so as we grow hopefully we’ll attract that talent. We’re working with UWA students to help foster that talent.

3. What do you hope to achieve in Perth?

We want to impact one billion lives with digital technology and digital health. We’re at 100,000 right now. We see Perth as another great area where we can have great impact on people, especially with the remote communities. Perth is also the ideal launch pad into Asia.

4. How does Curve’s relationship with UWA help the business?

It gives us access to the right people and breaks down the barriers to make sure things happen. People like the head of commercialisation, head of innovation… having access to these people and the key opinion leaders in those fields really helps us.

5. What is your local coffee shop?

The Tenth State, Nedlands. It’s almost like our second office.