Show of support for pavilion plan

The development services committee report, which councillors will consider at tonight’s meeting, revealed 71 per cent of submissions approved and 27 per cent were undecided about the proposed scheme amendment to rezone the block bordered by Roberts and Rokeby roads and Hay and Catherine streets, and introduce an area-specific plan for the market site, managed by D2 Property.

City staff recommended councillors adopt the amendment to the City of Subiaco town planning scheme no. 4 with several modifications.

More than half the respondents commented about the local economy, business vacancies, and a need to revitalise the town centre and create jobs.

The submissions also called for change that would encourage visitors to the area, improve vibrancy, increase the residential population and a general need to redevelop the site.

Five per cent of respondents raised concerns about potential parking and traffic increases.

Subiaco Business Association president Geoff Parnell said it was interesting that 53 per cent of submissions came from Subiaco workers and 14 per cent by business owners.

‘It is a sign that the business community is looking for things to happen from a development point of view to improve vitality and have more people living in Subiaco,’ he said.

D2 Property managing director Ian Day said he was delighted their vision for a vibrant, thriving and sustainable town centre had struck a chord with so many locals.