Singapore’s a new adventure

Emily Parish and Paul McAllister
Emily Parish and Paul McAllister

Five years on, Emily and friend Paul McAllister, of West Leederville, have added the 84-hour Singapore Luxury Survivor adventure to the Telethon Adventurers’ calendar. The itinerary includes shopping, pampering, exquisite dining and an adventure day to complement the five-star accommodation.

“This is the kind of adventure people have been asking for,” Emily said.

“It’s 84 hours so busy mums and working people who can’t take extended leave can take part.

“Some people have no desire or can’t push themselves to climb a mountain.”

Paul met the Parishes at a rooftop bar in Singapore during that Christmas holiday and has included the establishment in the adventure itinerary.

“We knew it was right, we knew we could do something amazing here,” he said.

Paul, who has been volunteering at Telethon for the past six years, said the aim was to show the group a different side of Singapore.

“Singapore is known for its shopping but people don’t realise how amazing the food and day spas are,” he said.

The Parishes established the Telethon Adventurers after Elliot was diagnosed with one goal: find a cure for childhood cancer.

“If we don’t reach our fundraising target, it’s not that we don’t get pretty posters the next year, it’s that we miss out on doing life-changing research,” Emily said.

“We are doing really well but the speed at which we raise money needs to rise… kids are dying.”

Each participant must raise at least $5000 to join the adventure.

Emily took part in her first adventure – the Great Wall of China – two years ago. Visit .