Slashing of Jaguar tyres ‘senseless’

WANDANA flats resident Bernard Patterson says he cannot comprehend why “gutless cowards” would slash his Jaguar Sovereign’s tyres while it was parked just metres from his home.

Mr Patterson (76) said he had just returned from charity work at a Busselton camp on October 17 when he discovered three tyres had been split at the rim.

“It’s absolutely senseless,” the Wandana resident of five years said.

“Good people live here, but the minority is ruining it for the nice ones.

“There has been drug dealings and cars scratched. If we had security cameras working all the time, like around shops, at least you could catch them. If they thought they were on camera, I think it could deter them a bit.”

Housing Authority service delivery general manager Greg Cash said the Authority did not install camera surveillance at its complexes.

“However, we have in the last 18 months upgraded the security lighting at Wandana and tenants have barrier doors and windows as added security,” he said.

Senior Sergeant Murray Geneff said out of about 200 residents at the Subiaco flats, only two or three caused problems for the police.

“This is the first time I have heard of tyres being slashed there in my 3½ years,” Sgt Geneff said.

“Most of the callouts tend to be alcohol-fuelled disturbances between residents.”

In late August, he said the WA Police and Housing Authority evicted a man for allegedly dealing in methamphetamines,

Mr Patterson said he had his car towed to a friend’s house in Alexander Heights while he saved enough money to buy new tyres.

“It’s too much of a risk parking it at home,” he said.