SOCIALS: Diamond Charity Ball raises money for MelanomaWA

Shelley Stewart and Rebecca Evans
Shelley Stewart and Rebecca Evans

The 2018 Diamond Charity Ball celebrated 10 years of MelanomaWA at Crown Perth last month.

Pictures: Robin Kornet

Chloe Sargent
James Gee and Lauren Walsh
Allie Butler and Paul Staite
Ashley and Zac Smith
Brendan and Kasia Scriven
John Bruce and Bonnie Stacey
Victoria and Matt Vermeulen
Cherie Viney and Christie Hall
Coreen Goldsworthy and Annalisa Shannen
Alice Commander
Leanne Barton, Missy Pike and Bev Jones-Gray
Alicia Kijak
Andrew Kepp and Steph Law
Rebecca Pickering and Dean Wiggers
Tim and Mandy Lagana
Brett Schreurs and Ange Rosato
Jess Dunn and Emma Decinque