SOCIALS: Fringe World 2019 launches

Ava Hart
Ava Hart

VIP guests at the launch of Fringe World 2019 got a sneak peak of this year’s La Soiree show and farewelled chief executive Marcus Canning who will step down after 17 years.

Pictures: Matt Jelonek

Syan Dougherty and Aleisha Preedy
Sam Roberts-Smith and Carolyn Chard
Paloma Bartsch and Cassie MacArthur
Morgan Riley and Lauren Billingham
Michael Schoch and Danielle Green
Melissa Graham
Laura Black and Nicole Viljoen
Kelly and Richard Burch
Josh-Rigsby, Asha Rigsby and Simon Mikulich
Danielle Blanch and Amy Stenning
Carlos and Leah Viquez
Candice Lamb and Danica Lamb
Caitlin Busby and Kristi Busby
Abby Chandler and Sarah Cole-Bowen