Hollywood and Crawley residents want to stay City of Subiaco

AN independent phone survey last week found 65 per cent of Subiaco south ward residents were opposed to being included in the City of Perth Act.

The result was more than 30 per cent less than that of a residential group survey, which doorknocked 140 residents to find 97 per cent were against the Act.

Nedlands MLA Bill Marmion last month said he was hesitant to endorse the residents’ survey, titled Hands off Subiaco City of Perth Takeover, because it was “potentially misleading” and subjective.

Chief executive Ian Hill said the City’s Catalyse survey endorsed the south ward’s “overwhelming desire” to remain part of Subiaco.

“The data from the survey clearly indicates that Subiaco is the local government that residents want to remain in,” Mr Hill said.

“Every member of the community is important, and the overwhelming support of residents reaffirms the City’s position on having the Act amended (to retain residential areas).”

Under the proposed changes, more than 1300 properties south of Aberdare Road in Hollywood and Crawley would become part of the City of Perth.

Mayor Heather Henderson said she would write to Local Government Minister Tony Simpson regarding the survey results, and urged all members of Parliament to scrutinise the legislation.

“The legislation was announced without any consultation with the community and without any intention to seek feedback from the affected residents or, indeed, the opportunity to have a poll,” Mrs Henderson said, adding the changes were not in residents’ best interests.