Speed limit to drop on Hampden

Portrait of bride and groom by church
Portrait of bride and groom by church

City of Subiaco council last week voted to decrease the Hampden Road speed limit to 40kmh.

The Western Suburbs Weekly asked business owners what they thought of the move, with half saying it would not make a difference and half claiming it was a great move.

‘It will make it so much safer,’ Nicola White manager Lindy Rosenwax said.

‘There are so many accidents on the corner of our shop, where people do u-turns to get parking bays.Often they will also come up on the verge.’

Subiaco Mayor Heather Henderson said the drop had previously been refused but with the increased traffic in the area, the City had to reconsider.

‘The hospital, Hollywood Village and other things have increased the traffic on the road,’ Mrs Henderson said.

‘There’s the cafe strip down there, and hopefully with a lower speed limit we can encourage more families and the elderly to the area.’

The Byrneleigh manager Toni Anderson doesn’t think it will make a difference.

‘I don’t think people really speed down this road,’ Ms Anderson said.

‘With the hospital there, people are very conscious of their speed.’