St Hilda’s ex-teachers share passion through knitting

St Hilda’s ex-teachers share passion through knitting

Junior school community members recently collected wool to donate to the group, which meets monthly to knit jumpers and beanies for children in India, where temperatures can reach -10C.

Retired English teacher Helen Dowling formed the group after a trip to India with her husband.

“We were enchanted by the families we met, smiling, happy and resourceful as they survived in communities, sometimes in cardboard boxes at the sides of busy roads,” she said.

“At an orphanage we visited one day, there was an appeal on the notice board for ‘woollens’.

“A light bulb went off in my head and that was the beginning.”

Mrs Dowling said having wool donated by junior campus members allowed the school community to continue giving beyond their years of service.

Group leader Hazel Brien travels to India to deliver the jumpers and beanies to the children, as well as teaches local women how to knit and sew themselves.

“Groups with similar ideas are starting up around Australia, and we always welcome those with a passion for knitting who would like to contribute to clothing cold little people,” she said.