Cars with stolen number plates used in Subiaco clothing robbery.

THREE women used three sets of stolen number plates when they took clothes from Transit Clothing on Rokeby Road, Subiaco, about 4.30pm on September 23.

“It’s quite a tangled web of stolen number plates,” Senior Sergeant Murray Geneff said.

Sgt Geneff said the women ran into the store and grabbed Stussy label clothing before shoving the female store manager when they ran out and got into a waiting silver Mercedes-Benz.

The Mercedes-Benz was fitted with number plates taken from a Mercedes station wagon at Diesel Motors on Albany Highway, Victoria Park, at an unknown date.

“The dealership was unaware they had been taken until they were told by police,” Sgt Geneff said.

Criminals often take number plates from a similar model and colour to the car they use in crime so they can avoid detection by police patrols.

The Mercedes at Diesel Motors had number plates taken from another Mercedes. The police discovered those plates were taken on September 18 from a Ford Falcon in West Perth.