Students tested rides ahead of the Perth Royal Show.

TWENTY-FIVE lucky students were the first to test two new rides ahead of the Perth Royal Show opening weekend.

The Avenger and the Cliffhanger were the new attractions at Claremont Showground.

Test-riders also had the chance to ride the Mega Drop, Space Roller and XXL.

Tim Hadwen, a 21-year-old Notre Dame student, said he woke up at 4.45am in anticipation of the day ahead.

“I prefer the bigger rides and I also enjoy the Horror House because you don’t see a lot of that in Perth,” Tim said.

He said twice on the XXL was more than enough.

“I’d leave that until last because you won’t enjoy too many more rides after going around that twice,” Tim said.

Mosman Park resident Lily Fisher said the Avenger was “a bit too much”.

“There was a lot of being upside-down so I am happy it ended,” Lily said.

Josephine Brierly (15) said she enjoyed the XXL most.

“The worst ones are usually the best ones as well,” Josephine said.

Royal Agricultural Society chief executive Peter Cooper said new ride the Cliffhanger was his favourite.

“It’s extreme enough for mum, dad and the kids but it’s not too extreme,” Mr Cooper said.

“Speed I can handle but not heights – you wouldn’t find me on the Mega Drop.”