Subiaco councillor Malcolm Mummery’s push to get rid of existing Local Planning Strategy rejected

Subiaco councillor Malcolm Mummery’s push to get rid of existing Local Planning Strategy rejected

CITY of Subiaco councillor Malcolm Mummery’s motion to get rid of the existing Local Planning Strategy (LPS) and create a new, revised version has been rejected.

Cr Mummery was unsuccessful in suggesting the City prepare a revised LPS, retract the existing one and complete a review of the strategy before considering Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS5).

He told councillors at a council meeting on Tuesday night he voted for the planning strategy that accepted the WA Planning Commission’s target of 6140 new dwellings.

He told councillors he was sorry he made a mistake.

“By failing to do the due diligence of working through the detailed implications of nearly doubling the dwelling density in our already compact City, I failed in my duty as a councillor, and for that I’m sorry,” he said.

“What’s being proposed in this motion will re-start the planning process so that the WAPC can be explicitly asked to reconsider the crushing dwelling density target it has sought to impose on Subiaco,” he said.

Mayor Penny Taylor said although Cr Mummery’s motion was defeated, there was unity between councillors in making sure the scheme strategy suited Subiaco.

“It was really clear, every councillor wanted to work for a much improved scheme, and believe with community consultation and the staff work that’s being prepared we can achieve that,” she said.

Councillors have already participated in a briefing on the draft LPS, and discussion took place on the 300 submissions received as part of community feedback.

In a response on Instagram to a Subiaco resident’s question regarding the LPS briefing, Ms Taylor said crs David McMullen, Malcolm Mummery and Hugh Richardson did not stay for the whole briefing.

“Staff provided a presentation of community feedback on the draft LPS but crs McMullen, Mummery and Richardson left during the briefing,” Mrs Taylor said.

Cr Richardson said he had a long standing commitment at the time and Cr McMullen said he left to tend to his family.

Cr Mummery confirmed he did not stay when an external “facilitator” was to conduct the rest of the meeting.

Council will now participate in a workshop on Thursday on LPS5 and will discuss more than 1000 community submissions.