Subiaco: residents and councillors question further planning amidst controversial Local Planning Scheme

Subiaco: residents and councillors question further planning amidst controversial Local Planning Scheme

SUBIACO residents packed the council chambers on Tuesday night at the first public meeting after submissions for draft Local Planning Scheme (LPS) 5 closed.

It was standing room only as locals spoke on issues that could affect the scheme, including heritage precincts and Rokeby Road South planning.

Genevieve Binnie from Save Rokeby South, which has gathered over 2700 signatures on a petition against a proposed scheme amendment to allow taller buildings in the area, said there was no need to rush proposed precinct planning.

“Given the very difficult process the public has been made to go through with LPS 5, are you really wanting to experiment with the current public mood, especially when there is no compelling reason or rush to?” Ms Binnie asked.

“The streetscape plan has been designed without the benefit of knowing what its future context will be, so it is inherently, albeit unintentionally, shortsighted.”

Ms Binnie said the group was disheartened to not see their community vision document in the staff report.

The officer recommendation was moved by Cr Jodi Mansfield and seconded by Cr Peter McAllister.

“At the May 15 council meeting, we voted to defer the Rokeby South master plan; residents spoke up then, and I’m very pleased to say the City has taken these concerns on board,” Cr Mansfield said.

Cr David McMullen said he would vote against the motion in order to hear debate.

“LPS 5 is undeniably relevant and vice versa,” he said.

“We owe it to ourselves and the community to at least hear submissions on LPS 5 before pressing forward.”

This was supported by Cr Malcolm Mummery.

“It’s a complex situation, and you’re inevitably damned by everyone,” he said.

Cr Julie Matheson proposed an amendment to acknowledge the community vision document, which was taken on.

The motion was carried 7-4, with the council resolving to undertake detailed precinct planning for the Rokeby Road South area prior to further consideration of Scheme Amendment 35.

The motion also endorsed the advertising of the precinct plan and draft Streetscape Master Plan concurrently.