Subiaco Street Party draws 50,000 attendees

THE streets of Subiaco came alive last Saturday, as 50,000 people attended the second annual Subiaco Street Party.

The party expanded in size to this year include Hay Street and extend further down Rokeby Road and the people came in turn; with crowds filling the streets and soaking up the live music, food, entertainment, street bars, rides, live art, fashion, shopping and family fun throughout the afternoon and into the night.

Subiaco chief executive Don Burnett said the City was thrilled with the event’s outcome.

“We were absolutely delighted with the energy and vibrancy around Subiaco on Saturday,” he said.

“The City was transformed and it was wonderful to see so many people revelling in the assortment of food, shopping and entertainment on the day.”

Renewable energy featured throughout this year’s Subiaco Street Party, where Synergy powered all of the temporary structures, stalls, food vendors, stages, entertainment and activities with solar and wind power and gave away free popcorn for partygoers who participate in the energy challenge at the Synergy stand.