Support local business: Reiwa

Dave Airey, Enrico Carnevali and Hayden Groves
Dave Airey, Enrico Carnevali and Hayden Groves

Mr Airey will host a morning tea of coffee and Italian pastries at Lucioli for business owners and managers from 11am.

�We need small business to punch above its weight,� he said.

�If small business fails, communities fail.�

Launched by Small Business Matters last Thursday, the inaugural Small Business Day aims to celebrate and recognise the contribution small businesses make in WA.

Small Business Matters co-founder Nicolle Jenkins said the event would create awareness of the role small business played in creating a healthy and sustainable economy.

�When a small business disappears you have reduced competition, less product diversity, less money going back in Western Australia, less support for your community, and fewer jobs,� Ms Jenkins said.