Survey manipulative: Residents

Cambridge Mayor Simon Withers.
Cambridge Mayor Simon Withers.

Despite more than 50 per cent of respondents to the survey opposing the idea, the council approved a further progress report into the housing option at last week’s meeting that would allow 2-4 apartments to be built on one block in City Beach and Floreat, subject to council approval.

Denis Wills, of Floreat, blasted the council for brushing off the survey results.

‘For me, the survey was slightly unbalanced and manipulative with the simplest question not asked ” do you support, oppose or have no opinion on maisonettes,’ Mr Wills said.

‘Nevertheless, the results have come back with the majority of ratepayers against the idea.

‘My issue is that the council have ignored the results and are just trying to railroad this through.’

Mayor Simon Withers refutes the claim saying the electorate’s minority should be equally accommodated and that the changes would provide additional housing options particularly for older residents.

‘The first one (survey) we just consulted on the idea, now we are going to go into more detail,’ Mr Withers said.

‘I think we need to go in with an open mind ” the word maisonette conjures up the worst image. It’s not about swamping City Beach and Floreat. It’s about increasing the types of housing choices people have access to.’

Jason Eftos, of City Beach, said according to the survey results the majority of those in favour of the option were investors not residents.

‘At the end of the day I’ve lived in City Beach for most of my life and I am currently building in Floreat ” people pay a premium to live in a garden suburb that is not subdividable,’ he said.

‘They say developers will come in to give older people an option but a unit with stairs is just not a realistic option for them.’

The proposed changes will go to the public for further consolation in the next three to four months.