Survey not whole story

The survey, titled Hands off Subiaco – City of Perth Takeover, asked residents to tick yes or no whether they were concerned about loss of local representation, services, asset share, changes to design codes, commercial over residential, rates changes and traffic and parking issues.

�It was not a very black and white survey, and certainly not independent,� Mr Marmion said. �I did my own doorknocking and found that not everyone was necessarily a fan of the City of Subiaco, and in fact would be happy with Perth.

�At the end of the day, I have passed the survey onto the Local Government Minister Tony Simpson and he understands there are residents who want to stay in Subiaco.�

Mr Marmion said Mr Simpson told him that Perth rates were 17 per cent less than Subiaco.

Hollywood resident Jane Boxall, who co-wrote and delivered the survey, said she was very disappointed in Mr Marmion�s response.

�All he has done is handball our survey onto Mr Simpson,� Ms Boxall said.

She said she understood that a Liberal Party meeting last Thursday decided that Hollywood Private Hospital (HPH) should remain in the City of Nedlands, but about 300 residences in Hollywood and Crawley would become part of Perth.

�It just seems so totally undemocratic that we are this little pocket of residential and we do not get a choice what council we belong to,� she said.

�We are encouraging everyone to tell their neighbours, write to Mr Marmion and the State Government.

�There are going to be huge changes to this district if we do not speak out and act now. Waiting will be too late.�

After Cabinet met yesterday, a spokesman for Local Government Minister Tony Simpson said there was no indication of when any announcement about the future of the Hollywood precinct would be announced.

Nedlands Mayor Max Hipkins said he would not celebrate the City retaining HPH until State Parliament announced its final decision.