Telethon Kids Institute researcher receives grant for sun safety study

Telethon Kids Institute senior research fellow Dr Shelley Gorman.
Telethon Kids Institute senior research fellow Dr Shelley Gorman.

A SUBIACO researcher working on an innovative sun safety tool for teenagers has just received a funding boost.

Health Minister Roger Cook recently announced Telethon Kids Institute senior research fellow Shelley Gorman as the recipient of a $74,956 Healthway grant.

Dr Gorman will work with Cancer Council WA, the Australian National University and Curtin University to create a tool that improves the knowledge and behaviours of young people around sun protection and exposure.

“Despite education about the risks of skin cancer, teenagers in WA are sun seeking, with tanned skin seen as desirable,” she said.

“We hope that this online tool will support young people to make more balanced and healthy decisions around their sun behaviours to reduce their risk of developing skin cancers in later life.”

Those between 12 and 13 will be recruited as ‘co-researchers’ for the project, as the transition from primary school to high school is a critical time of influence on their sun behaviours.

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