Tensions mount in border dispute

“The board’s recommendation will be formally forwarded to the minister for his consideration within the next few days,” a Department of Local Government spokeswoman said last Thursday.

Most of the residents who want the change live in the west end of Mosman Park’s Minim Cove development on the Swan River.

They claim they do not get good services from Fremantle Council and use Mosman Park shops and facilities.

If Mr Simpson agrees to the move, it could hand the Town of Mosman Park control of a high-rise development at the west end of McCabe Street, which has been the source of some tension about planning protocols on the councils’ border, and potentially more of nearby Leighton Beach.

The City of Fremantle subsequently sent the LGAB an alternative proposal that could give it control over the east end of McCabe Street, which is well inside the Town of Mosman Park’s boundary.

A Department of Local Government spokeswoman said LGAB “deliberations” on holding a separate inquiry into that proposal were confidential.

“Legal advice we had was that the LGAB had to take our proposal into consideration, and conduct a separate inquiry,” Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said.

Mosman Park Mayor Ron Norris said another inquiry was possible but the LGAB could have decided it was not relevant because Fremantle’s proposal did not come from residents.

“Our response to any second inquiry would simply be ‘There would be no benefit to that change because it would leave Mosman Park with no access and control at all along McCabe Street’,” Mr Norris said.