Thieves found in Peppermint Grove garages

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A PEPPERMINT Grove resident drove away when he came home to find three suspected thieves in the garage of his Venn Street house.

The incident happened between 2am and 2.30am on October 6.

“He drove up, his garage door was up and he saw three offenders inside in his other car,” Senior Constable Belinda Crafford.

The resident left and drove up the street to call police, who did not disclose what was taken.

However, between 2am and 2.20am three men were seen by another resident rifling through his three cars in the garage of his nearby Crossland Court house.

The court leads off the northern end of Venn Street.

Const Crafford said the men had entered through an unlocked side gate and went into the garage.

They took remote controls for gates and doors.

A men was described as wearing a white hooded jumper, while another wore a blue hooded jumper. There was no description for the third man.