Thieves even taking the kitchen sink in widening western suburbs crime spree

THIEVES of pipes and taps in vacant homes are even taking the kitchen sink, in an apparently widening western suburbs spate that hit an empty Langham Street, Nedlands home overnight on January 31.

“They’ve even removed the kitchen sink, and left it on the verge for what we believe was later collection,” Detective-Sergeant Paul Vojkovich said.

Reported as a burglary, the thieves took taps, pipes and bathroom fixtures from the home.

A water heater, copper pipes and a water meter were also taken from a Smythe Street, Shenton Park home between January 30 and February 2.

“Shenton Park is the first one we’ve had outside of Floreat,” Detective-Sergeant Paul Vojkovich said.

Copper and gas pipes, heaters, taps, door locks, lights, air conditioning and cupboard handles have been among the items taken from at least 11 homes in Floreat since the start of January.

Vacant homes in that suburb’s Winmarley, Brookdale and Kirwan streets were reported to have been raided for the fixtures in the week until January 30.

There were eight others in Honsey, Alderbury, Rannock and Tralee streets, as well as Kirkdale Avenue and Kinross Crescent, between January 4 and January 21.

All are now under investigation by police as potentially being part of the same spate.