Threats with axe after bike stolen in Cottesloe

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A MAN threatened a witness with an axe after the theft of a bicycle from Cottesloe Cycles on Station Street, Cottesloe about 12.25pm on August 17.

Senior Sergeant Brad Warburton said it was reported a woman first came into the shop, asked about a bicycle, then left, before the man entered the shop.

The man was then seen taking a bike, which was returned when shop staff chased the man to a nearby chemist.

Sergeant Warburton said it was reported the man and woman were then at a nearby bus stop, where a witness was threatened with the axe.

However, the witness did not pursue the complaint with police.

Sgt Warburton said CCTV and forensic samples from a tissue at the incidents were being investigated.

The woman was described as 170cm, about 70kg, with a fair complexion, but there was no description of the man.