Tindale upbeat on retail outlook

Mr Tindale said there were many developments lined up for 2014, including the Ace Cinema site being ‘transformed’ into a 217-bed hotel and new cinemas, extensions to Doyle Court, the Chuggs site in Railway Road and an upgrade to Forrest Walk carpark.

He said council-approved extensions to small bar The Nic in Nicholson Road and alfresco dining at Bistro Felix in Rokeby Road would also make an impact.

‘In particular, the new cinema will provide a facility for the local people to visit and be entertained,’ Mr Tindale said.

Subiaco Business Association president Geoff Parnell said the completed developments would increase activity as new residents, workers and people staying in short-term accommodation came to Subiaco.

‘There are also positive signs that will assist a turnaround for the retail and hospitality sectors, including the trend of reduced rental levels, making it more attractive for existing tenants to remain and for new businesses to move in on a sustainable basis,’ Mr Parnell said.

Mr Tindale said the City was committed to supporting local retail in ways such as implementing the Economic Development Strategy for 2013-2017, supporting shop window campaigns and activating a preferential local purchasing policy.