Tips to stop dog fights on the beach this summer

Leighton Beach.
Leighton Beach.

LOCAL governments have issued advice to dog owners in a bid to curb the number of attacks on off-lead beaches this summer.

The report follows a number of Facebook posts within community groups where people have shared stories of their dogs being attacked on beaches.

The City of Rockingham reported 12 dog fights in 2017 and eight the following year.

Fremantle reported eight dog fights in 2018 and six in 2017 with October to April being a peak period for dog on dog attacks at beaches.

In the past year the City of Cockburn has had six reported attacks in 2018, and seven in 2017.

City of Cockburn rangers and community safety manager Michael Emery said warmer weather was a factor in the frequency of incidents.

“Spring and summer appear to be when the attacks are most reported,” he said.

City of Joondalup acting chief executive Dale Page said over the past two years, dog fights at off-lead beaches had decreased in the area from eight in 2017 to six in 2018.

“Joondalup is home to one of the largest dog populations per local government area in Australia and the ongoing education of owners is crucial when it comes to reducing the potential of conflict between dogs and other animals and people,” she said.

City of Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts said three attacks on dog beaches were recorded in 2017 with six in 2018.

Daily beach dog walker Jane Crawford said the summer holiday period was worst for incidents.

“Every Tom, Dick and Harry who has had their dog locked up while they are at work for the rest of the year comes down to the beach in the holidays, and their dogs aren’t socialised for other dogs,” she said.


• Keep dogs on a lead and watch them at all times when they are off lead

• To avoid potentially hostile encounters, caution should be used at all times when approaching or in the vicinity of strange dogs, regardless of whether the other dogs are tethered or not.

• Ensure dogs has had training (either from a young age or later if its needed).