Tower installation…

Tower installation expected by summer

Cottesloe Surf Lifesaving Club president Ben Stephens said the tower was now expected b be in use by mid summer.

In January 2013, the Government allocated $300,000 for a tower after a spate of WA shark attacks, but the club wants to also observe foreshore users and offshore sports so four rounds of meetings have been held with club members and Cottesloe Council to develop a design to cope with storms and address Aboriginal heritage issues east of Cottesloe groyne.

Mr Stephens said the club would meet its preferred architect in a fortnight to see if the design met the $300,000 budget before any development application for the tower goes to the council.

In April, the Government cited the tower when requesting the Federal Government to extend the shark cull by three years.

Mr Stephens said the club understood there were many elements to the Government’s shark strategy and it was ‘no surprise’ the unbuilt tower was part of debate about the policy.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet did not reply to questions put by Western Suburbs Weekly.