Town of Cambridge Town Scheme Amendment 31 rejected by Planning Minister Donna Faragher

Town of Cambridge Mayor Keri Shannon. Picture: Facebook
Town of Cambridge Mayor Keri Shannon. Picture: Facebook

JOHN Day has supported Planning Minister Donna Faragher’s decision to reject Town of Cambridge Town Scheme Amendment 31.

Mr Day was the previous planning minister who made changes to the Amendment in April before the portfolio was passed to Ms Faragher , who said she had the benefit of further discussions with the Town.

Mr Day’s version of the controversial proposal included split coding to enable multi-dwellings up to R30 within 400m of local centres, allowance of two dwellings on corner blocks 900sq m or above in City Beach and Floreat, and Cambridge Street lots to be split-coded R40/R60 to allow for multiple dwellings.

The changes were to be advertised to the public this week.

“(Ms Faragher) has had the responsibility for dealing with Amendment 31 over the last six months and the benefit of further discussions, including with the Town of Cambridge,’ Mr Day said.

“I have full confidence in the decision she has made with all of the advice available to her.”

Ms Faragher announced her decision yesterday after meeting with Town representatives on August 11 and receiving further advice from the Planning Department.

“I have decided against progressing with Amendment 31 in its current form as the eventual outcome is unlikely to be one that would be supported,” she said.

Mayor Keri Shannon said Ms Faragher’s decision would have been “a relief for many” and met with the popping of champagne corks.

However, not everyone supported Ms Faragher’s decision.

Shelter WA spokesman Stephen Hall issued a statement saying the decision was “diametrically opposed to the planning principles already adopted by the WA Government in Directions 2031 and the State Planning Strategy”.

“The State Government has set diversity and infill targets for each local government, which this scheme amendment by the Town of Cambridge seeks to address,” he said.

“The proposed scheme amendment promotes infill and diversity at an appropriate level in Cambridge.

“The failure to approve this scheme amendment perpetuates the NIMBY (Not in my backyard) mentality that has plagued WA planning system for many years.”

Mr Day and Ms Faragher encouraged the Town to progress with planning changes that would allow for more housing diversity.

It is understood the Town has already engaged consultants to commence a strategy that would address the aims of the amendment in a different way.