Town of Claremont vote to advocate abolition of DAPs

TOWN of Claremont councillors are standing with their western suburbs neighbours, voting to advocate the abolition of the Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) at last Tuesday’s council meeting.

Councillor Bruce Haynes moved the motion saying WA was the last state to abolish the DAP and the Town should join other councils including Vincent and Cottesloe in doing so.

“It does serve a purpose, to insulate the decision from effective ratepayers,” Cr Haynes said.

“The DAP process has been one that alienates the community. I believe we should pass the motion like our neighbours.”

Chief executive Stephen Goode said if the DAP system was retracted, a level of duplication would be removed with some minor process improvement and workload reduction.

While Mayor Jock Barker added Council had previously approved a billion dollar development, which could be done (without the DAP) when there was a competent administration.