Town of Cottesloe to draft short stay accommodation local law for public comment

COTTESLOE Mayor Jo Dawkins would like to see statewide regulation of Airbnb-style accommodation that has prompted ratepayer complaints of overcrowding, noise, partying and unwanted vehicles.

At a meeting held last month, councillors authorised the chief executive to draft a law regarding short term-accomodation.

It is estimated there may be up to 300 homes on the popular internet-based sharing service in Cottesloe.

Proposals for the law include annual registration of homes, limiting guests to six to correspond with the Town’s planning scheme, recording guests and setting minimum parking bays, and the power to cancel annual permits if there were complaints.

The law could also include regulation of fire hazards, the National Building Code, the Health Act, a complaints procedure, mediation and warnings before any permit is cancelled.

Mrs Dawkins said a statewide policy would be preferred over local laws.

The local law will be advertised for public comment later this year.