Town’s parking plan up in the air

Claremont initially agreed on 200 parking bays on Public Transport Authority land but amended the number to 400 last year as part of several amendments to the Structure Plan.

The WAPC recently responded to the council’s changes saying only 200 bays were necessary.

A WAPC spokeswoman said the additional 200 parking bays were not consistent with current State planning principles of encouraging Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and discouraging car dependency.

At a council meeting on July 9, the Town agreed to defer consideration of the WAPC’s decision not to support the additional parking and initiate a working party involving the Town, WAPC, Public Transport Authority and police. Claremont chief executive Stephen Goode said the WAPC wanted the council to follow the TOD principles to provide fewer car parking bays.

The Town also wanted to set a 93sq m minimum average size for apartments in the precinct but the WAPC has scrapped the minimum average. The NEP Design Codes include a 45sq m minimum size for homes.

‘The minimum apartment size requirement was removed from the structure plan as the overall dwelling yield was increased,’ the WAPC spokeswoman said.

‘To retain the average would ultimately reduce the yield and cause the structure plan to be contrary in its application.’

The council accepted this change.