Traffic’s all one way for landlord

Cr Alastair Tulloch suggested at last month’s council meeting that the Town could eventually spend up to $400,000 on making Avion Way one-way and widening footpaths to upgrade an area controlled by Mr Bond, who owns the 20 tenancies on the street.

The money for specifications, work drawings and tender documents would be drawn from the Joint Venture Reserve.

Cr Tulloch said the landlord would profit most from the project.

‘It’s an unwise use of council money,’ he said.

Mr Bond told the council that since last sitting before them just months ago, Lemon cafe had closed on Avion Way, ‘which exemplifies the issue’.

He said East Fremantle-based Cookie Dough would take over the tenancy soon.

‘If we could have one-way and a wider footpath, the tenants in that street would benefit from the increased foot traffic,’ Mr Bond said. ‘What’s proposed is very modest compared to everything else that’s been done in the Town Centre.

‘Nothing has been done by the council in the street for 20 years.’

Cr Paul Kelly said Avion Way had been a neglected part of the Town Centre.

‘One-way and upgrading will deal with the (traffic) congestion and improve the ambience of Avion Way,’ Cr Kelly said.

Councillors eventually agreed to approve the spending and consider a report from administration about proceeding.