AN attempt to have a new policy consider a continuous tree canopy across Cottesloe failed at a council meeting in October.

“What we need is a policy that reflects, holistically, the concept of modern tree canopies,” Cr Sandra Boulter said.

She said the proposed policy did not recognise trees were part of the Town’s infrastructure by providing shade, aesthetics and natural habitats.

The new policy proposes to avoid planting iconic Norfolk Island pines in areas other than where the introduced species are currently growing. It includes a section on tree pruning, details when a tree can be felled and promotes planting native species.

Cr Boulter said decisions about the future of trees would be “entirely at the discretion” of council staff and she proposed a motion, which eventually failed, to put the policy in the Town’s wider building and strategic planning guidelines.

The change was needed to include trees and consideration of their canopies in a potential R100 train station development and R60 on Marine Parade.

However, engineering services manager Doug Elkins said it may not be appropriate to have the policy in strategic planning, because the policy was meant to guide council workers about removing and replacing individual trees on a daily basis.

He asked councillors for rules in the new policy about how many trees could be removed.

Mayor Jo Dawkins said the council would seek to continue to protect and replace trees, before councillors agreed to advertise the new policy for comment.