Truck brings down Christmas lights

Photo: Jon Bassett
Photo: Jon Bassett

COTTESLOE’s upmarket Napoleon Street is closed after a truck hit and brought down low-hanging Christmas lights about 12.30pm today.

“I warned Cottesloe Council a week ago that the street lights were going to get caught because a dump truck coming down nearly hit them and had to reverse into dangerous Stirling Highway in the rain,” Peppermint Grove Jewellers owner Giuseppe Algeri told

Several strings of lights now litter the road.

Photo: Jon Bassett

The annual decorations are organised by the council.

Allied Pickfords removal truck driver Robert, who would not give his surname, said there should have been a sign on the street for tall vehicles.

“There’s supposed to be a height warning, and there wasn’t one,” he said.

Photo: Jon Bassett

He said his truck got some distance along the street, before one length of lights caught the top of the vehicle.

He and a colleague used a ladder to remove some of the lights from the truck.

Cottesloe Council acting deputy-chief executive officer Neil Hartley said the lights were a project by business lobby Procott, which has been contacted for comment.