Vacancies not so bad

Mr Hill said the City recently assessed 400 local businesses and found the vacancy rate was 6.1 per cent.

‘A 5 per cent rate of vacancy is acceptable in terms of business turnover, which obviously occurs wherever small businesses are congregated,’ he said.

‘It was reassuring to find that we were very close to that 5 per cent figure; we are quite happy with that.’

Mr Hill said there had been ‘some concern’ regarding the media attention high rents and empty shops in Subiaco had received.

‘It’s very easy to focus on empty premises, as they tend to stick out quite often more than operating businesses,’ he said.

‘We’re doing some more data collection in relation to the lease rental issues, and once we have finalised that, we’re anticipating that this discussion forum with landlords and others will be set up late in April.

‘In this north end of Rokeby Road, recently there were 10 premises vacant and now there’s only four. There is very clearly a revitalisation of business activity.’

n On page 11 of the March 17 edition, we incorrectly quoted Subiaco chief executive Ian Hill as saying action on Lords construction complaints from residents would be suppressed. He actually said ‘progressed’.